new super mario bros. u deluxe

A port of New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Switch. It effecively combines the original game with New Super Luigi U. The only new features are a playable Toadette and her exclusive power-up, the Super Crown, the latter of which is (in)famous for spawning countless memes and fanart involving Bowsette and various other female personifications of Mario characters.

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《新超级马里奥兄弟 U》的 Nintendo Switch 移植版。它有效地将原版游戏与《New Super Luigi U》结合起来。唯一的新功能是可玩的 Toadette 和她的专属道具 Super Crown,后者因产生无数涉及 Bowsette 和各种内容的表情包和同人画而闻名。马里奥角色的其他女性化身。
类型 版权&品牌
英文名 new super mario bros. u deluxe
别名 ;NewスーパーマリオブラザーズUデラックス