magical mirai miku (2021)

The 2021 Magical Mirai version of Hatsune Miku.

The theme for this year was "Fairy Tale Fantasy". This version of Miku was designed by Hidari and has a flower fairy motif.

She wears a white shirt with black skirt, detached sleeves and a cape made of wings or petals, clasped by a medallion and aqua ribbon. She has large flower hair ornaments shaped like speakers. Her aqua-blue gradient hair ends in braids and is adorned with white flowers, her bangs and sidelocks have pink colored tips. The cuffs of her sleeves and hem of her shirt are also adorned with aqua flowers while the underside of her skirt is filled with a rainbow of roses.

Her theme song is Hatsune Tenchikaibyaku Shinwa by cosmo@bousouP.

Official art


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今年的主题是“童话幻想”。这个版本的 Miku 由 Hidari 设计,具有花仙子主题。

类型 版权&品牌
英文名 magical mirai miku (2021)
日文名 マジカルミライ2021
别名 ;マジカルミライ2021