arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou is a light novel written by Chuuni Suki (白米良 / 厨二好き) and illustrated by Takayaki.


Among the class that was transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who doesn't have ambition nor aspiration in life, called "Incompetent" by his classmates. The class is summoned to become heroes and save a country from destruction, students of the class are blessed with cheat specs and cool job classes, but that's not the case with Hajime, his job class is a "Synergist" and his stats are very normal (mediocre). "Synergist," to put it in another word is just the artisan class. Being the weakest, he then falls to the depth of the abyss when he and his classmates are exploring a dungeon. What did he find in the depth of the abyss and can he survive?



Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Psychological Romance Seinen

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《Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou》是由白米良/厨二好き创作、高崎插画的轻小说。

穿越到异世界的班级中,南云一是一名普通的男学生,没有人生抱负,没有抱负,被同学称为“无能”。这个班级被召唤成为英雄,拯救一个国家免遭毁灭,班级的学生都拥有作弊规格和很酷的工作类别,但 Hajime 的情况并非如此,他的工作类别是“协同者”,他的统计数据非常正常(平庸)。 “协同者”,换句话说,就是工匠阶层。作为最弱的他,在和同学们探索地牢时跌入了深渊。他在深渊深处发现了什么,他能活下来吗?
类型 版权&品牌
英文名 arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou
日文名 ありふれた職業で世界最強
别名 平凡职业造就世界最强;ありふれた職業で世界最強;ありふれた職業で世界最強_(小説);平凡职业成就世界最强;Arifureta;From_Common_Job_Class_to_the_Strongest_in_the_World_(Novel)