Running 3DCG series created by the late Monty Oum for Roosterteeth. The setting is Remnant, a world of technology and supernatural forces. The main protagonists are Team RWBY: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long.

A chibi spinoff series titled RWBY Chibi was released in 2016, and a board game titled RWBY: Combat Ready was released in 2018. An anime adaptation of the franchise titled RWBY Ice Queendom began airing in the Summer 2022 season.

Characters from the series are featured in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Characters (and weapons, if named or otherwise specially significant)

Beacon Academy
Team RWBY (Ruby)
Team JNPR (Juniper)
Team CRDL (Cardinal)
Team CFVY (Coffee)
Beacon Faculty
Creatures of Grimm
Junior and the Malachite twins
Cinder's Team
The White Fang
Salem's inner circle
Team STRQ (Stark)
Other characters' relatives and affiliates
Atlas Military
Penny's Team
Team FNKI (Funky)
Team SSSN (Sun)
Team ABRN (Auburn)
Team NDGO (Indigo)
Team BRNZ (Bronze)
Branwen Tribe
Fairy tale characters
Other unique characters

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正在运行已故 Monty Oum 为 Roosterteeth 创作的 3DCG 系列。背景是遗迹,一个充满科技和超自然力量的世界。主要主角是 Team RWBY:Ruby Rose、Weiss Schnee、Blake Belladonna 和杨晓龙。

《赤壁》衍生系列《RWBY Chibi》于 2016 年发布,一款桌游《RWBY:Combat Ready》于 2018 年发布。该系列的动画改编版《RWBY Ice Queendom》于 2022 年夏季开始播出。
类型 版权&品牌
英文名 rwby
别名 ;RWBY;rwby;Rwby